Health Impacts from SmartMeters

On January 15th PG&E installed the new Smart Meter on our home in Aptos.

I was not home at the time and had no idea it was installed. Tammie DonnellyI arrived home from a great workout at the gym feeling like the peak of health. As soon as I got back home I started to feel horrible and had no idea why. The first thing I noticed was the worst pressure in my head and ears ever. Then my heart started to beat really fast and then my brain felt wired. Within 15 minutes I started to get really dizzy, nauseous and weak. Within 20 minutes my whole body began to ache like nothing I had ever experienced before. When I got on my computer my whole face and hands started to burn and hurt. My husband arrived home 30 minutes later and asked how I was and I said the worst ever. He then said he was going to check the work out the electrician did and saw PG&E installed Smart Meters.

I then called PG&E in a panic since i was feeling so awful and filed a complaint and asked them to take it off right away since it was making me so sick.

Santa Cruz is not scheduled until July to get these Meters. We left and went out of town and I felt better in 30 minutes. When we arrived home Sunday, I felt horrible again and could not sleep that night. I called PG&E first thing Monday morning and pleaded to have it taken off right away since I felt so sick form it all. Monday night at 8pm a PG&E installer came and took it off and put an old meter back on. Within 15-20 minutes I felt 90% better.

TD, Aptos, CA


In July 2010, SDG&E installed Smart Meters in my condo complex. I began having symptoms of head burning and pressure on my chest within a few days.  As time progressed the symptoms worsened. I had severe burning in my head and headaches of a new type. I began having palpitations, arrhythmias and flutter.

By six weeks in, my cardiac symptoms were so severe and erratic that I had to move out.  I rented an apartment, which turned out to be unsafe as well. The Smart Meters are everywhere. With the intensification of my symptoms, I have become EMF/RF sensitive and now have the above problems around cell towers, Wi-Fi and other sources, accompanied by skin rashes and burning.

I am being evaluated by a cardiologist.  I have always had a strong, healthy heart, even told so by doctors. The cardiologist has sent me for an evaluation by a neurologist as well.

Five people have reported symptoms in my home: My father has experienced headaches and visual migraines. My mother reported having pressure on the upper part of her chest and palpitations.  One neighbor is experiencing headaches and chest tightness. Another neighbor has difficulty opening her eyes in the mornings after 8 hours by the meters. Her ophthalmologist could find no explanation. She said she uses her fingers to open her lids. All of the above symptoms have occurred since the smart meter installations. The symptoms are worsening for everyone.

I am running scared living this nightmare. I don’t know where to live and fear for my well-being. I don’t know where it is safe for me to live. In addition, the financial impact of this disaster compounds. I pay my monthly mortgage and rented a place, which due to symptoms, I cannot stay in. I am not sure that I can rent or sell my condo in good conscience. I am seeking medical care including treatments not covered by any insurance. My out of pocket costs continue to grow.

RH, San Diego CA


I have lived in my home in San Leandro since November 2003, and have had two smart meters on my home (1 on gas, 1 on electric meters) since October 2008; and they are throughout my neighborhood since about that same time.

I/we are now surrounded by a mesh network of pulsing extremely low EMF (ELF). I recently had the signals measured by a local technician and can provide a detailed report of his findings. Contrary to what PG&E has told me that these meters emit below the acceptable tolerable range, it’s the ELEMF that can interact with our body’s pulsing ELF & interfere with cellular communication. I believe I am having ill affects due to this technology being used, and am currently being examined by my doctor for symptoms of vertigo, the sound of my blood pulsing through my ears all the time while I’m at home, hyper-arousal/ADHD leading to inability to focus or relax, interrupted sleep, pressure in my head between my ears, increased headaches; and less frequently, heart-racing anxiety, nausea, and shakes. I take really good care of myself, and do not believe that this noticeable decline in my health is due to me getting older.

I truly feel like I am in a microwave and slowly being cooked. Even my previously healthy houseplants have either died or have big brown spots, like burns. These strange effects have been occurring now for over a year, and it’s finally beginning to make sense. Thank you for your leadership on this issue.

Amy C., San Leandro


I personally experienced a smart meter when PGE installed one on my neighbor’s home 25 ft away on May 7th, 2010.

I did not expect to notice anything from one gas meter at that distance. However, I felt increasingly bad as the days wore on, with palpitations, irregular heartbeat, headaches, slight dizziness/weakness, emotional distress, anxiety and inner agitation, especially when on that side of our house. When I would leave to go for a walk out in the country, my headache would go away and I would feel better overall, but symptoms would come back upon return home.

I began to wonder if that one smart meter could possibly be causing my symptoms, and even asked my neighbor if they had recently purchased any new electronic equipment (I wondered if it might be a DECT phone), but she said no.

Finally, in desperation, on May 22nd, I put a metal wheelbarrow over the meter (I had heard that metal stops much of the radio frequency (RF) radiation). My symptoms began to subside, and I was feeling better on May 23rd and 24th.

On May 24th, I was gone much of the day. Upon return home in the evening, I was feeling fine, and then worked for 2 hours in my office on that side of the house. All of the previously mentioned symptoms reappeared, and I was feeling despondent, even crying, as I went to bed. The next morning I learned that my neighbors had removed the wheelbarrow the day before while I had been gone, because PG&E had finally agreed to come out and deactivate the RF transmitter. That morning, May 25, 2010, a PG&E technician disabled the radio transmitter on the gas meter. I gradually began feeling better since then, although my heartbeat is still quite irregular much of the time. I am no longer getting headaches at home, and do not feel the emotional distress, dizziness or weakness.

NH, Sebastopol, CA


In about late September I began to notice I was having some odd symptoms, including the following:

  • Agitation
  • Memory loss
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Nervousness
  • Inability to get my work done
  • Interrupted sleep

I felt as if I were becoming unhinged.

During the time between September and earlier this month my husband and son seemed agitated too. My husband’s blood pressure rose and he had to begin taking blood pressure medication. He was also experiencing sleep disruptions.

On February 25th and 26th there was a huge snowstorm here. During the storm I spent many hours in my living room, near my fireplace, about five feet away from the electric meter, which is installed outside my living room window. My right ear was facing the meter. My husband was traveling and my son was not at home for the same length of time that I was. The electricity went on and off several times during those two days. At one point I heard a piercing sound along with pressure in my ears. Along with the symptoms I had previously experienced, I began to develop worse symptoms, including the following: *Heart palpitations,*A buzzing-pulsing sound, especially in my right ear,*Agitation,*Interrupted sleep with nightmares of being attacked,*Accelerated heartbeat.  I was afraid that I would have a heart attack.

The symptoms would lessen when I went outside. It seemed that there was something wrong inside my home, perhaps with the electricity. Through research and talking to electricians, I began to realize that my symptoms might be traceable to something relating to the meters. They were the only recently installed appliances in our home with radio frequencies. After many desperate phone calls to Con Edison, it removed the digital meters, but only after I presented a note from my doctor, upon which Con Edison insisted. In place of the electric meter Con Edison installed another electric, digital meter that it assured me emitted NO radio frequency…Con Edison also told me that I would need in the future to provide it with meter readings. Con Edison told me that both my doctor and I would be receiving a follow up communication from its health department, which we never did. Whether the people at Con Edison lied or did not know what they were talking about is a question that needs to be answered. This meter also had a radio frequency … I realized this when my symptoms got worse. I was truly afraid that I would have a heart attack. I became terrified in my own home and could not find a comfortable place to sleep, because the buzzing pulsing sound in my ear was so disturbing. Before all of this started I was a healthy 51 year old.

Again, after making many more calls to Con Edison, on March 4 they removed that meter from my house and replaced it with an analog meter (this is the same type of meter Con Edison had initially removed in June 2009).

My immediate responses were so remarkable that I recorded them.

  • Tingling in arms
  • Legs felt very heavy
  • The buzzing-pulsing became quieter
  • I felt as if my body was weighted down with exhaustion

Within hours I began feeling better. The loud buzzing-pulsing sound quieted down and my thoughts were less scrambled.

But my difficulties continued. In our home we have lived with wireless appliances, cell phones and fluorescent light bulbs for at least three years, and to my knowledge they have never been a problem for me. Now I cannot be near any of these things because I get a buzzing in my ears and my heart starts to race. The only possible cause for this change is that Con Edison placed meters emitting radio frequencies on and in my home in June. Since Con Edison removed the digital meters and replaced them with an analog meter I am feeling better, but some of the symptoms have not gone away completely.

When I asked the Con Edison “Meter Relations” department) if I could see a copy of the test results for human exposure to the frequencies in the meters, I was told that I must obtain a subpoena to acquire that information.

Con Edison also told me that the FCC had approved the meters. When I called the FCC, I was told that it does not address human health issues, but only with regulating frequencies, and the person with whom I was speaking hung up on me...

This could be a very dangerous situation. These meters are being used across New York State and the country. People might become sick from them and not know what is happening to them.

I am requesting that the meter replacement program be stopped immediately and that home owners be given the right to opt-out of receiving these meters if they do not want them, until further testing is done to learn the effects of the frequencies they emit, especially in combination with other frequencies to which we are already being exposed.

Michele Hertz, Hastings on Hudson, New York


What is happening in America is happening in my state of Queensland.

We had solar panels put onto the roof of our home, and then the power company came along and installed smart metres in our mains power box. There are three mains power boxes, so therefore there are three smart metres transmitting 24/7. My health has deterioated so much, that I feel that I can’t last.

Our state government has just gone ahead and made it mandatory even though the first state to install them, Victoria, is now finding real serious problems.

All I know is that we have 120 units in our complex, which means in a four acre block we have 120 smart metres. I have also found that the radiation from these smart metres is also being piggybacked into our home via the electrical wiring and causing further torment.

RM, Queensland, Australia]


I am Toril Jelter, a board certified pediatrician specializing in medical and environmental aspects of autism related illness.

I have health concerns regarding the unbridled roll out of wireless technologies without adequate health studies before hand. Dear FDA/FCC, I request a moratorium on the Smart Meter roll out ASAP until a proper assessment of health effects has been conducted. Here are a few patient stories for your review: A 2 year old child can’t sleep at night. He screams inconsolably for hours. When the mother takes the child away from the SF Bay area to a remote area with poor cell phone reception the child sleeps well every night and naps as a normal 2 year old would during the day. A 40 year old man with MS & EHS (multiple sclerosis and electrohypersensitivity) requests no Smart Meter. His doctor writes a letter to support this request. It is granted BUT only temporarily! His 4 neighbors get a Smart Meter and he develops such severe ringing in the ears (tinnitus) that he is no longer able to sleep indoors.

He discovers that the only way he can sleep is to sleep outdoors. (This could be explained by the cumulative effect of EMF in his home + the Smart Meters next door.)

A 45 year old woman with MS has been stable for several years. After installment of a Smart Meter she goes down hill rapidly: depression, flu-like symptoms and severe fatigue. Another woman with MS, 50 years old who is improving, gets a Smart Meter. She gets worse balance, worsening depression. Falls and breaks 2 ribs and punctures a lung. A 10 year old child with high functioning autism gets a Smart Meter. His handwriting deteriorates. He seems more fatigued. He gets flu like symptoms frequently. He loses his appetite and stops gaining weight. A 65 year old woman gets a Smart Meter, actually 4 , at the head of her bed. (condo). She develops severe tinnitus, sleep disturbances, intermittent confusion, memory problems, heart palpitations and diabetes.

Toril Jelter, San Francisco Bay Area