Who is Tracking Health Impacts? Some scientists believe a mass-experiment is going on with the explosion of so many untested wireless technologies. More people are experiencing an unexplained decline in health but are not connecting their symptoms to the newly installed wireless technologies like WiFi, smart meters, or cell towers nearby.

Make the Connection: When new wireless technologies are expected, or deployed you may experience changes in health. What can you do?

  • Download the TRACK-IT document and rate your health against a group of symptoms, which have been associated with wireless technologies.

  • Track your health for several weeks with TRACK-IT and submit, or email your results to the Prove-it Initiative for statistical analysis. (see privacy)
  • Give a copy to your doctor and keep one for your own records.

When Smart meters are installed in your neighborhood, what can you do?

  • Download TRACK-IT for SmartMeters and track changes in your health.
  • Let your local utility know what’s changed in your health
  • Let your congressperson know if you experience health impacts.
  • Let the President know.

If you are participating in the POWER-OFF program – a two week program of turning off wireless devices when you sleep: