UNTESTED TECHNOLOGIES: Until now the US government has not tested any of these wireless technologies for either near-term or longer-term health effects. The US government has also failed to track the health effects from mass deployments in the past 20 years of WiFi, cellular communications, WiMax and military radar.

SCIENCE SHOWS BIOEFFECTS: Since 1999 the US government has failed to fund even one non-military study on the health effects of wireless technologies. During that during that time at least 12 new classes of wireless technologies were deployed and more than 1000 independent studies have shown a broad range of biological effects from microwaves and other EMFs. The BioInitiative Report reviews more than 2000 studies, linking wireless and other EMFs to disease, symptoms and biological effects.

EPA’s WARNINGS SILENCED: In 1990, the US EPA proposed that electromagnetic fields from microwaves be classified a Class B-1 probable carcinogen. In the EPA report, forty-eight studies were cited and 45 scientists participated but the recommendation was derailed by the White House. The lead scientists were disciplined, the 400 page study shelved and the EPA stripped forever of all of its regional radiation research labs. This crippled the one program designed to protect the public from health impacts associated with wireless technologies (microwave radiation).

HOW MANY STUDIES DOES IT TAKE?: There are now more than 5,000 studies, linking more than 122 biological effects from wireless technologies. Meanwhile there are more than 10,000 studies that do not show effects. Does this prove that there are no effects? The science is finding biological effects from wireless technologies 38% of the time. Yet, these mixed results create a perceived ambiguity, which has allowed regulators across the US to continue to approve deployments of “untested and unproven” wireless technologies. The basis for approval is that regulators claim that there is not consensus in the science over the biological impacts from microwaves and radio-frequencies.

HEALTH TRENDS CONFIRM SCIENCE: Scientists like Dr. Neil Cherry, PhD have claimed there is a mass-human experiment going on. But no one in government seems to be collecting the data, which would provide evidence of harm from wireless technologies. Despite the fact that cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, neurological disorders, heart disease and autoimmune disease, which have all been connected to wireless technologies, have exploded at unprecedented rates in the past 20 years, no one in government seems to be making the connection, or informing the public.