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The Prove-It Initiative

We the people of the United States of America respectfully ask the President to immediately issue an executive order staying the deployments of all new public wireless technologies, including:

  • Wireless smart meters and smart grid technologies.
  • Super WiFi, SuperGig and all new public broadband deployments of digital, modulated, or pulsed microwave signals, especially in the 600 MHz range.
  • Fourth generation (4G) cellular network deployments.

Whereas these technologies have not been adequately tested and the potential for harm from these and other wireless technologies is significant and growing:

  • More than 5000 scientific papers/ studies link biological changes and effects from low-level exposures from microwave/ radio frequency radiation used in wireless signals.
  • More than 165 biological effects, diseases and symptoms have been associated with weak electromagnetic fields (EMF) and low-level microwave signals below existing federally mandated standards.

Whereas the dramatic increase in at least 19 disease groups in the past 25 years cannot be determined:

  • The FCC standards for protection of the American people from microwave radiation are among the weakest in the world, having been developed in the 1950s by engineers and physicists without biological consideration.
  • Current US standards are designed only to protect humans from heating – the so-called thermal effect – caused by high levels of microwaves/ radio frequencies.
  • Standards for low-levels of microwaves/ radio-frequencies have never been established.

We respectfully ask the US Congress and the President to enact federal legislation to:

  • Allocate sufficient funds to thoroughly test these new wireless technologies for health safety.
  • Appoint a Blue-ribbon commission to review the science, such as the BioInitiative Report and establish a more prudent set of safety standards for public exposures to microwave and radio-frequency radiation from wireless.

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