POWER-OFF at night and PROVE-IT to Yourself

You can reduce up to 25% of your exposures to wireless and feel 100% better simply by turning off devices while you aren’t using them – while you sleep! People who have tried this are having spectacular results.

Wonder why you are getting sick or not feeling as well as you should?

Since the explosion of wireless technologies people everywhere have been experiencing an increase in stress symptoms, like fatigue, concentration issues, memory loss, joint pain, sleep disturbances, and headaches. Your doctor will treat your symptoms and write prescriptions but no one is telling you why you are getting sick. Wireless technologies have been associated with dozens of stress symptoms that are often associated with other causes. But few are making the connection to the explosion of new wireless technologies all around us. Power-off your wireless devices while you sleep and prove-it to yourself. It’s easy:


Each evening follow these 7 easy steps:

  • Power-off Cell phones or PDA’s (iPhone, Blackberry) – do not leave on standby.
  • Unplug cordless phones (you can plug in a corded phone for emergencies - $12.95).
  • Turn-off WiFi (you must unplug the router as most don’t have an on-off switch).
  • Power-off all laptop computers (most transmit, even on standby).
  • Turn off all games consoles.
  • Turn off all computer monitors and televisions, especially those with picture tubes.
  • TRACK-IT: download and track your symptoms to show the changes for 2 weeks.


Perform everything in POWER-OFF BASIC plus:

Download the POWER- OFF PDF