Kjell Hansson Mild, PhD, Prof.

Kjell Hansson Mild, associate professor in medical physics, is coming from the former National Institute for Working Life, and his research is on electromagnetic fields (EMF) and effects on humans. He has mainly been working on occupational exposure to EMF. Of special interest are the studies on chromosomal damage in engine drivers and high voltage switchyard workers, as well as different health aspects among RF-sealer workers. The problem being addressed today is mobile phone exposure and the risk for brain tumours. He has published several scientific papers on this in collaboration with professor Lennart Hardell, Oncology Dept., Örebro University Hospital.

One of the big questions today is the new EU directive on occupational exposure to EMF and the consequences for working life. One of the groups that will be affected is the personnel working near a magnetic resonance imaging scanner. Hansson Mild and co-worker have surveyed the exposure near MRI machines and now experiments are ongoing to see if the exposure in the scanner can affect the DNA integrity.

Hansson Mild has a publication list comprising about 290 papers and about 200 conference abstracts.