The Tipping Point:  Wireless Technologies are stealing our Health

Time is short and we all need to TAKE ACTION now! Here’s what you can do:


  • Sign the Prove-it initiative now
  • Send a message to President Obama and members of congress
  • Invite your friends to sign the initiative


  • Spread the word
  1. Download the Prove-it Initiative signup form
  2. Download 50 or more Prove-it one-pagers
  3. Download 50 or more Prove-it brochures
  4. Download 50 TRACK-IT health tracking forms.
  5. Go to nearest health foods store or café and hand out literature and gather signatures.               Mail results to Prove-it.


  • Diplomats become leaders by organizing.
  1. Contact PTAs, school boards, local organizations and town councils and ask for a meeting.
  2. Distribute all the Advocate items and take signatures at key meetings. 
  3. Make a Prove-it presentation to local groups
  4. Download 50 TRACK-IT health tracking forms.
  5. Organize local groups to gather signatures and raise awareness about the health effects of wireless technologies.
  6. Contact members of the press.
  7. Invite skeptics to take the POWER-OFF challenge for health.